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4.9 ( 5199 ratings )
Amusement Onderwijs
Developer: InterfaceControl

Schety is a fast, slick, realistic Russian abacus simulator with awesome graphics and realistic physics.

The Russian abacus, the Schety, has a single slanted deck, with ten beads on each wire. The Russian abacus is used vertically, with wires from left to right in the manner of a book. The wires are usually bowed to bulge upward in the center, to keep the beads pinned to either of the two sides. It is cleared when all the beads are moved to the right. During manipulation, beads are moved to the left. For easy viewing, the middle 2 beads on each wire usually are of a different color from the other eight beads.

Artist: Fedor Podrezov (
Coder: Alexander Shvetsov (
Publisher: Sergey Kudryashov (